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Dear Shedders
The move will soon be on to our new premises on Pitt Street.  The final deliberations with the new landlord over the lease should be complete this week and hopefully we’ll have the keys so we can start the work on getting the building fit for our purpose.  At yesterday’s Users Group meeting we prepared a schedule of work to be done as soon as we have those keys.  First in will be an electrician to ensure the electricity supply to the ground floor (we know that its working ok on the first floor).  Then we can start on our fit out plans.
The aim is to make the move over the first weekend in January, ie Fri 2nd to Sunday 4th Please put this date in your diary and come along to help if you can.
We need help with the fitting out and the move from as many of you as possible.  You can come to the next Users group meeting (every Tuesday, 1 – 2 pm) or you can let me know via email if you can help, and when and how.  There will be lots to do both in the lead up and during the move itself.  If you have a van or access to one, or a trailer then we’d love to hear from you.
Use of the Shed during this transition
Our aim is to minimise the disruption to the normal Shed activities as much as possible, and inevitably we will close for a short period over Christmas.  I am still waiting to see how long this might need to be for, and will let you know as soon as I can.  Meanwhile, the Shed continues to be open as usual, that is: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturday afternoons, 2 – 5 pm and Thursday evenings 7- 9 pm.


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Update and Begging list Norwich Mens Shed seeking support and business Sponsors

Hi Guys things have been super busy for the shed over the last few weeks,A begging list plus just a small update on some things that are going on,most of you will be aware that the imminent move to the pitt street location is under way, it seems like this is almost signed and sealed so only a few more days until we can clarify this for definate, in anticipation we have been trying to plan a few things and have a list of stuff we need to try to get hold of so we are asking for some help in getting hold of a few things. If you know of some of them or could donate time or items please chip in and respond where possible.
Items or things we need are:
A free large Van with a tail lift for a few days or several smaller vans and people to help out moving stuff.

A CHEAP or FREE commercial Qualified Electrician who could certifiy an instalation with the right paper work, this would only require minimal work and a bit of testing as we would do 98% of the fix, Free Advertising recommendations offered in Return for services rendered/ given free !!

any 900mm wide doors? internal ones? sheet wood materials or plasterboard for stud walling

as a secondary consideration we would appreciate any donations of :screws posidrive ones,
current electrical standard cable 2.5mm2 for a ring main
sockets double and surface mounted boxes,
plastic conduit,
red and brown rawl plugs in fact any fixings!!
any lengths of copper pipe fittings and or plastic push fit 15mm, a white toilet and cistern.
wooden solid garage doors? pair of?

A second hand straight Stair lift for disabled access we can install or remove if one was available we need to get up about a fraction more than a standard house 23 steps ? or accept donations for a new one.

suplementary requests; we are still seeking an Anvil and some blacksmiths tools the forge is almost made. any steel that can be donated is always handy. as are all bolts and fixings

seeking a Bandsaw for wood

we are also still taking on projects to make things to help us fund our move so we could swap things or our services/advertising for what we need.
We activly encourage businesses to sponsor us on an ongoing basis for example we are eternaly greatful to Norwich Estates for the continued support and donations of wood.


New Lathe Baby

Gentlemen May I proudly Introduce you to our New Baby A Myford ML 7 Lathe with milling capability Im Turning over with excitement to get this little baby running, also Bob will be Thrilled as we also took delivery of a Buffing Machine twin spindle with soap and spare pads and a whole heap ( garage full) of other tools thanks to a Lady Called Leslie, whos partner Sadly Departed, but has left us this greatful legacy, we are sure he would be proud to know that we will respect and make full use of his legacy. as a mark of this we will put a plaque on the lathe. and also try to help leslie out. If i can Gain some more info that his partner is willing to publish about his life i will. we are so pleased that the tools of one true tinkerer and skilled person are available to help others persue the same passion and pleasures in life. With Thanks and on behalf of all the guys, we bow down to thee a humungos help!

mens shed lathe

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A big thanks To Steel Masters Norwich

A Big Thank You to Steel Masters Norwich Fabricators   rackheath

For the Donation of the Steel plate for our welding bench that is under construction.

also allowing us to skip dive for a few odd scraps of metal for welding practice

we really appreciate your donation and help John

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New Opening times its official

The Norwich Shed will resume service as normal from 2nd September following our August closure for maintenance and stocktaking.  Some addtional opening hours have been agreed, which we’ll be trialling in September.  This will require more members to volunteer to help run sessions.  .
The new opening times are:
Tuesdays and Wednesdays:     2 – 5 pm
Thursdays:                              7 – 9 pm
Saturdays:                              2 – 6 pm*
*The machine room will not be open on Saturdays for the next few weeks until we can more users cleared to use them.  Julian is geared up for doing this over the coming weeks, so do pop in and arrange a time with him to get clearance to use the machines unsupervised.
There are two additonal opening times for members only:-
Tuesdays and Wednesdays:    10 – 1 pm
Don’t forget that everyone is a member once you have had your induction.  The Induction proceedure takes about 20 -30 minutes and is just to ensure you are familiar with the required health and safety procedures.  Peter is available over the next two weeks to do more inductions.
The weekly Users group meeting – open to anyone – will now be on Tuesday lunch times, 1 – 2 pm.
We look forward to seeing you at the shed


New Opening Hours coming soon

We are pleased to say that after some discussions we are soon going to be posting news about the extended opening times.

It is anticipated that there will be a saturday afternoon session as well as extended open times for members during the week days, as soon as these have been confirmed we will post these new times and the new flyer that is currently being worked on.

we Hope this will make the Shed accessible to even more people, why not pop in and see what we get up to.


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August has been re jig around time and a sort out

Well all of august has been hectic sorting out stuff organising things re laying out the workshops and benches sorting timber doing jobs and having a damn good tidy up, if you have not been in a while pop in and see the changes


Other news is we now have a new e mail account and will be setting up picure and file sharing for members watch here for details

Other News is Chloe Smith MP will be visiting the Shed on the 20th in the afternoon all are welcome to come in

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Open Day Went Well at the Mens Shed Norwich

The open day was a success !

William Armstrong The new  Sheriff  Of  Norwich performed the opening ceremony the first official engagement for him we were honoured to have the pleasure of his attendance.

without further waffle from me here are some images from the days events


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Official open day flyer Norwich Mens Shed

Thanks to all the guys We are Opening Officialy ! credit to Nic For the flyer production.

You are Free?   Why Not Join Us all Saturday The 14th June.

Layout 1


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BBQ is Born in preperation of the official Norwich Mens Shed Launch

We are just starting to build the BBQ so we can cook some real nice healthy Grub for our open day on the 14th of June, Thursday saw the Birth of the BBQ Collin Howie  kindly took this picture,  Steve (in pic) with the help of John (Aviva) started to construct the oil drum BBQ. We were kindly dontated some materials from Norwich Sheet Metal and Ashley Medlar AKA Ash From Key’s Sale yard Aylsham to allow us to build the BBQ. Ash gets a free burger for his oil drum !! thanks to our sponsors !

We are super excited to see it get finished and to start to cook on it ! we will be having a test session at the end of next week maybe on Thursday night Prior to the Saturday event ! yet to be decided, but we have to test the food and stuff out ;)

Steve giving Birth to the BBQ

Steve giving Birth to the BBQ


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