August has been re jig around time and a sort out

Well all of august has been hectic sorting out stuff organising things re laying out the workshops and benches sorting timber doing jobs and having a damn good tidy up, if you have not been in a while pop in and see the changes


Other news is we now have a new e mail account and will be setting up picure and file sharing for members watch here for details

Other News is Chloe Smith MP will be visiting the Shed on the 20th in the afternoon all are welcome to come in

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Open Day Went Well at the Mens Shed Norwich

The open day was a success !

William Armstrong The new  Sheriff  Of  Norwich performed the opening ceremony the first official engagement for him we were honoured to have the pleasure of his attendance.

without further waffle from me here are some images from the days events


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Official open day flyer Norwich Mens Shed

Thanks to all the guys We are Opening Officialy ! credit to Nic For the flyer production.

You are Free?   Why Not Join Us all Saturday The 14th June.

Layout 1


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BBQ is Born in preperation of the official Norwich Mens Shed Launch

We are just starting to build the BBQ so we can cook some real nice healthy Grub for our open day on the 14th of June, Thursday saw the Birth of the BBQ Collin Howie  kindly took this picture,  Steve (in pic) with the help of John (Aviva) started to construct the oil drum BBQ. We were kindly dontated some materials from Norwich Sheet Metal and Ashley Medlar AKA Ash From Key’s Sale yard Aylsham to allow us to build the BBQ. Ash gets a free burger for his oil drum !! thanks to our sponsors !

We are super excited to see it get finished and to start to cook on it ! we will be having a test session at the end of next week maybe on Thursday night Prior to the Saturday event ! yet to be decided, but we have to test the food and stuff out ;)

Steve giving Birth to the BBQ

Steve giving Birth to the BBQ


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open day news update mens health week

Great News and a celebration in conjunction with men’s health week


We now have the lease for Unit 6 allowing us to expand and leave benches and equipment permanently in place.  There are more than 6 work benches and a huge variety of tools and machinery – most of it having been donated to us by shedders or members of the public.


Soon we will be opening for longer too watch this space for new opening times.


This is the right time to have an official launch and to encourage those of you who haven’t been for a while to come back and see how things have developed way beyond what we had expected in such a short time frame.


The open Day will consist of a host of activities and a chance to meet all of us see what we get up to and get some BBQ food and Non alcoholic drinks served.


Bring a friend or two.  Bring the family if they would like to see what we’re up to. 5pm until 9pm is for all comers welcome after 9pm the water shed we will be men only gearing up for the footy Mens Chat and socialising food and drinks.

There are a limited number of places for those who’d like to stay for the after hours BBQ and to watch the England v Italy game on our big screen @11pm

Please book your place for this after hour’s party which you can watch the game drink free!


Food BBQ by Mens Shed and non-alcoholic drinks supplied by the DRUB @ open will be provided at a nominal price.


The Shed is a drugs and alcohol free zone – so please do not bring any with you to the event.


We look forward to seeing you on the 14th June 2014 At the shed!

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The All New Norwich Makers Fair Boffins United lets make Norwich Tech Shine

Lets make Norwich Innovation  tinkering making stuff Shine what ever you create in your shed or ours lets show it!

Norwich is a City with a Huge Diversity of Talent Skill and dedicated professionals Boffins and geeky peeps Lets show the world what we can do in our Sheds…make stuff that you enjoy making!

As a Charity we are seeking all companies to get involved in return for advertising, promotion we would only expect simple support such as materials or expert time to assist with certain projects. Get in touch ASAP to be in on the Start of a New Free Venture promoting East Anglia and Norfolk and Norwich as a centre for technical expertise and innovation.

We are going to host as Men’s shed Norwich an Event of National importance the very First Maker Fair in Norwich.Other “sheds” are welcome to Join in local or not so local! so get in touch

This will entail geek’s boffins and inventors makers of things that are out of this world or just stuff that’s cool to see and look at.

People shedders, individuals and companies that want to get involved are invited to visit us at the shed

co-ordinating this event is Steve, who is himself a self confessed inventor of silly things, and practical items.

The Event is FREE and open to all men aged 18 + We are calling out for company sponsorship and people who want to get involved or people who want to make things to exhibit at the fair, we hope this will culminate in a full blown exhibition at the forum Norwich.

We are seeking High tech/low tech companies, charities, social enterprises, corporate, government bodies/agencies, support networks and individuals and other sheds who want to make or invent things for display to come and join in, think on a local level

No rules no regulations just make what you want, we are promoting men’s health and mind stimulation, wellbeing, We Just want you to get involved Now is the time!

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Open Day Celebration and Official Launch Of Mens Shed Norwich

Please Mark your diary June 14th is the official FREE TO ATTEND Launch Day of Mens Shed Norwich A Celebration of the opening of this new venture

Plans are being made now for the open day and Launch Party where Men 18+ are invited to come to visit us take a look around and get involved.For Free

on offer The day will include activities, A live screening of the England Italy Game plus maybe more world cup action?

Plus on Hand there will be food BBQ Style and Drinks Non Alchoholic as this will be a “DRY” Event

If you are interested to attend please make yourself  known by getting in touch to book your place ASAP


it will be a late one game kicks off at 11Pm but we will be open for other things early afternoon onwards with food and activities going on all day pop in relax have a chat or have a go at some activities then chill to the footy eat and be merry

More details coming soon check back or give us a bell to book your places as this is not a public open event all visitors are welcome but you need to book a place. “if your names not down your not comin in” Bouncer (security staff) speaking ha ha


A Huge Thanks To Norwich Estates For the Donation


We want to Thank Jon and Norwich Estates for the Donation of surplus Timber from the Construction works for the superior appartments on Edwards Street.

We appreciate the wood and wish you the best with your development




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Great News For Norwich Mens Shed

Unit 6 Becomes Ours!
Exciting times are ahead as we anticipate taking on the lease for Unit 6 from the first of June. This will allow us to expand our activities in the Shed and open more often.

We have received many kind donations of machinery and equipment which we’ve not had space to use – now we can do so.
The search will continue for a large permanent home but we anticipate being able to operate from Unit 6 at least until the end of the year.

A Shed Users Working Group
We are pleased to announce will NOT be introducing a membership fee.
Use of the shed and Membership is FREE
Peter, Julian and Andy have been drafting an Operations Manual and Membership Handbook.

The basic idea will be that regular users will be invited to become members, who will agree to follow a code of practice in how they use the Shed and its equipment.

Gradually the members will also take over running the Shed from MensCraft.
The first stage of this process is to set up the Shed Users Working Group:

This will consist of five regular members who will make the week-by-week decisions along with menscraft.

We want to have the Code, the membership scheme and the working group in place before we further expand our operations in June.

If you want to consider putting yourself forward for the Working group and let Andy know if you’re willing to be on it.
We’re looking for men with experience of using machinery and/or of being involved running other sorts of community projects.

The next Two User Group Meetings will be Important: Tuesday 13th and Tuesday 27th May
We want to put these changes to as many of the current users as possible, for your consideration and hopefully your approval. So tomorrows meeting will be to hear your initial reaction to these proposals and then, to seek your final endorsement at the meeting on the 27th. Before then, we will forward a draft of the Operations Manual and the Membership Handbook, so please do come to that meeting if you can.
If you can’t, but would like to have your say, please do let ANDY know and he will ensure to have had a chat with you or received your comments before the meeting.

Meeting time: tomorrow, Tues 13th: 1.30 pm. 27th: to be announced nearer the time.

Launch Day: Saturday 14th June – put it in your diary!
We haven’t had a formal opening day, so this feels like the right time; and its during Mens Health Week and its the day England begin their World Cup campaign against Italy! Planning is underway. One of the ideas we’re working on is being able to show the match in the Shed later that evening (kick off is 11 pm on Saturday night) Watch this space for further updates.

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Seeking Sponsors Local Business community call out

We are keen to talk to local business people who are interested in supporting us.

We are not begging for cash donations, although these would not be sniffed at.

What we would like is if any local business would help by donating materials and or equipment, services such as insurence, security devices, health and saftey supplies.

In return we would actively display and promote your business sponsorship on our social media and news releases.

We have several “wants” and needs, some with a higher priority than others; as we are funded by the people health lottery and other key partners and we are currently running under the umbrella of mens craft, we would like to make moves to become more self sufficient.

A suitable permenant location has been one of our major focuses recently we hope that is slowly getting resolved, whatch this space for more news soon.

We also would like to develop partnerships with other local charities and organisations who we could actively work with to support each other.

Areas we would like to tackle soon and seeking support for via donations or sponsorship

  • A supply of health and saftey equipment

things like ear defenders, gloves, eye protection etc

  • Timber,metal,assorted hardware, screws,bolts, various things like hinges
  • drill bits,hand tools
  • any metalworking or wood working machinery

business insurence:

We would love to have a local company support us for the cost of this


maybe if anyone has the possibility to sponsor a Van of some description? it would be great if this could include a “cew cab” style

Or alternatively we would  be greatful if someone could supply us a “man with a van” or a hire van for free on an adhoc basis as and when needed.

Printing Advertising and media;

free web hosting ?

printing of handout leaflets A5

Tee shirts or Workwear with dual names on “your company” sponsors of “Mens Shed Norwich”

Well thats a bit of a santa’s wish list we would love to talk to any prospective company offering any thing for free.

We lookforward to you visiting to check us out and discuss how we can help each other and the community at large.

many thanks for reading.



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